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Lets just get this out of the way
Hey guys and dolls,

I was in eglchat the other day talking about cloths (naturally) and I was saying how much I loved F+F. To which a girl responded, "Really? Their lace is horrid and half the time you receive your item the construction is terrible. You should never buy from them." Now I can honestly say I have no clue about their lace.
This little blip of a conversation began me in a search for "negative" F+F reviews. Most reviews were "OK". I figured I may as well ask the people who will know for sure, the fans.
So this is my question, Have you ever received a product from F+F that was unwearable or needed major alterations? What is their lace truly like?

If I had anything negative to say about F+F it would be that i ordered a pinstripe skirt and bolero and the stripes on both were different. The skirt had a wider stripe then the bolero, but both were still perfectly wearable and well constructed, just not wearable together.

Crossdressing XD
So I really really want to get this dandy/konada outfit, but I have never worn konada.

DO you think this is a good konada outfit to start with. How are F+F's hats for quality?

My new outfits from F+F
So, what do you all think?

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Who wants to be a mod?

If anyone wants to be a mod, let me know via this post or my livejournal.

Hi Fans of F+F,

I adore F+F, in fact most of my wardrobe comes from F+F. I am Gothic lolita and seeing as the choices for Goths tends to be either extreme prices for not very much or that sweet/gothy look I was sucked into F+F very quickly for their grand diversity of products. Its simply the divercity that I love. Unfortunatly I don't have any pic up of me in my clothing, but eventually I shall. And yes, this is a lame introduction.